Innovation Speaker Series: #SuccessABQ

PNM Innovation Speaker Series: #SuccessABQ

While New Mexico’s economy has been slow to recover, we’ve seen impressive results from a number of local companies that have been sold, funded or experienced significant growth. What can we learn from these companies and the entrepreneurs behind them? Can we learn to celebrate our successes and make them part of our story?

This month, we continue the conversation with #SUCCESSABQ. Our October Innovation Speaker Series continues our conversation about the innovative approaches that some New Mexico companies have taken to grow. Featuring key people from Exagen, Fiore Industries, Lumidigm, and TriLumina, we’ll discuss the challenges they’ve faced and the opportunities they see for our ecosystem.

“We are very excited about this installment of the Innovation Speaker Series,” said Belinda Snyder, the New Mexico Technology Council’s incoming chairwoman. “The ultimate success of our community is built one company, one entrepreneur at a time. This particular event is a both a discussion and a celebration of some of Albuquerque’s recent entrepreneurial wins.”

A reception will follow on site.
WHAT:       PNM Innovation Speaker Series: #SuccessABQ
WHEN:       Monday, October 27th; 5:30 – 7:30 PM (5:45 PM Program Start)
WHERE:     National Hispanic Cultural Center | Bank of America Theater
SIGN-UP:    $10 Admission (Students FREE) at

Sharing & promoting stories of Biz Success in ABQ and NM

There are a handful of efforts underway to promote a positive view of Albuquerque (and New Mexico) businesses and innovators. We at the Tech Council have one too.

The concept is fairly simple. We’ve partnered with local startup ABQ Newscastic to provide a social media friendly platform to share stories from organizations and associations like ours, businesses as well as more traditional news sources. Ideally this both promotes the various sources (all* stories link back to these sources), while at the same time it aggregates positive stories, special news and developments that those wishing to promote our region can point to. 

It’s an experiment really. And an exercise in customer validation. So we ask you to consider supporting these efforts. 

The main ‘newscast’ is here:

Most of our posts and many shares are posted on Facebook:

And a similar set of posts can be found on Twitter:

Have a press release, blog post or story you’d like us to share? Drop us a line at

PNM and the City of Albuquerque are both providing financial support for this effort, hence the #PNMInnovation hashtag you’ll see. We’re happy to be working with them and other partners like uPublic to help change the story and image of Albuquerque and its recognition as an up and coming hub for tech innovation. Whether it’s our effort or others, we hope you’ll continue to contribute to a truly thriving ecosystem. 

*Once a month or more we’ll also have a story from the NewsCastic network or one we put together our selves. Please let us know if you’re interested.


Coworking Expands, Offers Free Days

Coworking Expands, Offers Free Days



Tech Fiesta isn’t all about co-working, but there’s no denying that the coworking and other spaces that offer more flexible places to work for ‘location independent’ workers and other professionals are making a difference, speeding up connection-making and paving the way for more collaboration. 

The “coworking alliance” is a big part of that. They help promote the role, benefits and opportunities of coworking spaces – and they’re making participating Coworking spaces FREE for Tech Fiesta ABQ participants (If you read this and go to a coworking space… you’re a participant).  It’s a great time to check these places out – which you can also do with a few events:

Entrepreneurial Branding with Tamara Decker (Monday 9/8 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM)
$10 Register HERE.
Convivium Coworking
Whether you’re a ‘regular’ entrepreneur (whatever that is), solopreneur or even intrapreneur, the people who are leading the effort really help define it. Whether it helps your audience, investors or customers to see those as tied together or simply to see how you and your role fit in the whole, your brand contributes to the success or failure of the venture, whatever it may be. Shouldn’t you make a conscious effort to make it the one you want – and get the most value you can?
Tamara Decker will lead participants through her process to find, clarify and build an effective brand.

Social Media 201 with Tressa Beheim 
$10; Register HERE.
Convivium Coworking
If done wisely, Social Media is one of the best branding tools you can use. Learn how to get in control of this valuable part of your marketing plan and be consistent in execution. Not only will we discuss which platform(s) to use, but why and how.  

iOS Deployathon w/ Cocoa Conspiracy
Ideas & Coffee
Got an app you’ve almost got ready to publish? Come on down to the DeployAThon and Andrew Stone and the Cocoa Conspiracy iOS engineers will give you a hand with the last details. We’ll help you get your app optimized so it will run correctly on different size iPads and iPhones, and that you have the best keywords for the AppStore search engine.

 And there’s more coworking goodness throughout the week – look for more later!